Catching up with Scott Koyich

The Met_Scott Photo.jpg

Scott Koyich is one of the partners at The Metropolitan and long-time restaurateur, we sat down with him to talk about our new wine menu and what he loves about the restaurant industry in Calgary!

Scott graduated in Hotel and Restaurant Management from SAIT in 1990, was a part of ILSongo in Bridgeland and has been a shareholder in The Met since_____.

What is your favorite part of owning a restaurant?
The entertainment value of watching people enjoying great food and beverages while decompressing from the harsh reality of LIFE.  If you can provide an escape for people there is power in that.

What your favorite part of The Metropolitan? 
The wine, the atmosphere and the fantastic people that make the doors open every day. We wanted to build a place that anyone could feel comfortable in but still maintain the premium experience you expect from restaurants on 8th ave.

Tell us a little about the wine list and what you love about it.
We designed wine list to combine two things, great value and great flavor profile. We want to put something for everyone on the list so you can find a great $40 bottle and a great $200.

Do you have a favorite wine?
I love a good Cabernet, Merlot, and Brunello. I have to admit, in the summer I also love a good Rose.

Do you suggest for a great wine pairing at The Met?

The Met makes great meatballs and stake bites and they pair really well with the Cabernet. If you need something with a little more substance try the Triple E and a glass of Merlot.