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Every Monday at 6pm we will be hosting live music Mondays. 

We will have 1/2 priced appetizers and cocktails on all night long. 

Justine Tyrell is our resident Monday night musician, you might have heard of her,
she sings the Canadian Anthem at most Stampeders Games.
Click her name to check out her youtube channel


where good people gather

There is something special about Calgary.  It is different than other Canadian cities. You can feel it when patio season starts, when a chinook rolls in, or when you get a high five from a stranger just after the Flames make the playoffs.  It’s a small town at heart. 

At its core, The Metropolitan, has always aimed to embody that spirit.  Over the past 16 years we’ve grown with the city, for the city; forever evolving in constant pursuit of being the place where Calgarians gather.